Pinkie "Paws" Peeker, Ace Reporter

Pinkie "Paws" Peeker, Ace Reporter
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Blue's Blues

 January came and went Dear Reader….it’s been a long lazy wintery month.  Flu season is in full swing and the Hun’s are battling the cold.  Blue, Pinkie, Clyde and I have all been doing a lot of napping, so much so that the entire month has passed us by!
Blue is complaining of being bored and lonely. “Gaby,” he says to me out of the blue, “is this all there is to life?” Pinkie’s ears twitch. 
“Are you not happy?” asks Pinkie, curiously.
“Are you?” Blue retorts.
“I don’t much think about it, but I’m not unhappy,” Pinkie answers.
“What is my purpose, just to eat, drink, nap, meow, use the litter box, get petted once in a while,  and sit by the window watching the world go by?” asks Blue drearily.
“What do you want to do?” I ask Blue.
“I don’t know, just not this.”
“Maybe you need another nap,” says Pinkie, chuckling.
“No, I want to do something exciting, silly!” cries Blue, “You guys are boring” he adds.
“Speak for you not me” I tell him.
“I sent a message to Big Red and no answer, I sent a message to my mother and she did not answer, I really want to talk to them and they are unavailable!  I thought they cared about me, but I guess they are too busy with their own lives, I feel as if I don’t exist!”
“You have us,” said Pinkie cheerfully.
“I know, but sometimes, I want a change, I need stimulation from other cats”.
“I don’t know what to tell you, Blue.” I say to him.
“Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year is the same!” exclaims Blue. “Nothing ever changes. Maybe, I should get out and go take on Rage and his gang!”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea” says Pinkie. 
“Snap out of it! Everybody wants to be a cat,” pipes in Clyde, who is quietly observing the whole scene.
He starts to shake and shiver wildly, tapping his feet. “Do you feel it?”
“Feel what?” asks Blue.
“That beat?” says Clyde.
“What?” asks Blue.
“You’re not listening!” snaps Clyde.
He jumps onto the open piano, where Pinkie joins him.
Pinkie suddenly begins banging on the keys and before you know it, he is playing a jazzy, upbeat tune. I love Jazz, so I start blowing a horn and Clyde begins to strum the bass and sing “Everybody wants to be cat…”  He tosses the squeeze box to Blue.
“Come on Blue, let’s have some fun!”
 Lay-a-Dee slowly comes in through the flap door with Sterling and a kindle of kittens to play the harp and Big Red joins in, along with Blue’s mother.   Blue is very excited to see them and the place is jumping.   
       **  2/3/15 - UPDATE: Two years ago when I wrote this story, Dear Reader, you would have been able to access a video I included from youtube.  It was a scene from Walt Disney's Aristocats movie.  Unfortunately, that video is no longer available as it requires a special permission. Recently, I have resumed with my stories and noticed that when I clicked on the video and link, it no longer worked.  I apologize for those of you that could not access and enjoy that video. Rather than risk frustrating my readers, I have removed it altogether.  Please drop me a line and let me know of any issues with my blog.  Sweet purrs to you loyal supporters. There are more stories in the works which I will post these weekend.  Have a good week!  - Gabbers Gazette

Blue forgets his blues for the time being…
The Huns like jazz too, so they play this tune when they are on the road:

Blue, Social Network Developer

Blue, Social Network Developer
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