Pinkie "Paws" Peeker, Ace Reporter

Pinkie "Paws" Peeker, Ace Reporter
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finale - Moscow Meow

         “Blue, this is your Ushanka, wear it with pride,” says Big Red. Blue looks strangely at the hat. “Maybe later…” He responds, taking the hat with hesitation.
        “Russia is unforgivingly cold, so you’ll need to protect yourself little Brother,” warns Pinkie.
“I can handle the cold, don’t you worry,” Blue assures. Rolling his eyes at Blue, Big Red flashes us a helpless look. Clyde has a check list, and is speaking aloud as he organizes Blue’s paperwork: “proof of Blue’s ISO microchip; valid rabies and feline infectious disease vaccination records; written proof of tick and deworming treatment; recent blood tests; international veterinarian health certification; 400 Rubles.” I was surprised that Clyde had to shell out 400 Rubles for Blue to be admitted into the Russian Federation. But at least the Russian Federation did not impose quarantine like many other countries.
        Finally, Clyde tells Blue to “say your goodbyes,” beckoning him to enter the travel carrier. “We need to leave in order to make all of our connections on time”.
       Hence, Blue hugs me and Pinkie. I normally wouldn’t accept a hug from Blue, because he is always so rough, but seeing as this may be the last time I see or hear from him, I hug him back. “Keep in touch,” I tell him.  Pinkie spends a little more time saying good bye. As I explained before, they are very close. His final words to Blue are “You’ll be back,” to which Blue says nothing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

The above is a cute kitty valentines gift from Hershey. But, you may consider this for next year since it may already be too late to get it. This charming and precocious gift is available from Amazon online at:

But, don't give it to your furry child! Here is a link to a slide show of what cat's should never eat:

In addition, check out this cute video of Cat's celebrating St. Valentine's Day:

Don't miss the finale to Meow Moscow, which is coming soon!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blue Dreams of Russia Part 2 - Moscow Meow!

     Looking outside the bay window I notice the gray clouds.  I can also see my brother Blue staring at me from inside his pet carrier, resting on the bus stop bench outside with Clyde. As I mentioned in my introductory blog, Clyde could transform himself into a human. He has transformed himself into a businessman. Pinkie joins me at the window to observe Blue and resolutely says, “Blue is really going to Russia.”  I’ve never liked Blue, but being a cat, was very curious of his latest exploit.            

Friday, February 3, 2012

Moscow Meow!

Blue dreams of running to Russia to join the Moscow Cat Theater:

Blue, Social Network Developer

Blue, Social Network Developer
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